Senior staff and coaches

Our leadership and coaches love the sport of swimming and are top instructors and coaches in their respective sports. We evaluate and approve each coach after a period of trial, consultation and training overview.

Age group programs

There is room for any child no matter where they are in their growth, skill sets and progress. Young swimmers will learn to enjoy the water and develop respect for their teammates and coaches.  In our group lessons, we enjoy a low swimmer to instructor ratio allowing our classes to easily progress at a natural rate and to keep the progression of the swimmers moving along.

Children's programs

Programs for young children, water babies through age-group swimming include, but are not limited to: Miniseesterne, Seehunde, Seeräuber, Wasserpiraten, Haie, Captain Sharkey, Flipper, etc.

Master's swimming programs

We offer Master Swimming as well as water gymnastics for seniors. Please call or write for information and the time and place of the training sessions. 


Parents and coaches work together

Parents are vital to the success of the children and team

Parents are the key to the children’s success. The support, cooperation and encouragement of the parents is vital for the healthy development of the child in swim training and socially. We coach and train children, individuals. It’s not about “a program.” Each child is special and important. We listen carefully to their individual needs.

The swim training lessons and age group workouts are all about FUN. This is about training the children in the fundamentals to be first: water safe. That children know and are accustomed to water environments so that they can be safe anywhere. The second aspect is learning the fundaments of swimming, good strokes, endurance and the rules of the sport. The third aspect is socialization. For many young children this is the first time they are “away” from the direct supervision of their parents and in a different environment that challenges them physical, emotionally and challenges the development of their character to handle new issues.

The role of the parents

Our staff members have trained and coached swimmers from water babies (six months old) to Olympic athletes in multiple Olympic Games. We know swimmers, children, athletes and the development process. Parents are a vital in every step of the way.

The best role parents can play are to be the parents. Let the coaches be the coaches. Love and praise the child after each lesson, and refrain from coaching or criticism. The parents should be the parents and the coaches should be the coaches.

There have been dozens of stories of Olympic champions who were asked to describe their life growing up, swimming lessons, joining a swim team, etc. And the overwhelming majority 99% stated that as a child it was “fun.” Their parents never interfered and loved them unconditionally. The relationship they had with their parents was not based on how well they did in sports. At home, and especially with brothers and sisters, sport performance was never discussed, only if they had fun and were enthusiastic at training. 

Support your children with unconditional love and to remember that swimming lessons are all about the children having FUN and learning to swim and are not a precursor or indicator of world-class potential, status or a spring board to the Olympic Games. They are too young.

There should be no specialization in strokes, or single sport careers even considered until after the children are past 12-years-old. Prior to that, they should be encouraged to play all sports and other activities.

Swimming is a lifetime skill set. They will have it for life. The swimming lessons will contribute greatly to the success of the children not only in other sports but, academically as well as they learn to adapt to stress, handle new challenges, interact with different team mates, new coaches and accept new methodologies. What goes on in the pool transfers directly to the class room as many national coaches can atest.

The best thing to do for your child

The best active support you can give your children is the full support and friendship of the coach/trainer. Demonstrate it in front of your child. When the child sees the healthy supportive relationship between the parents and coach before and at the end of workout, the trust and courage in children blooms, it goes up exponentially enabling them to go beyond their own fears and limitations.

Team relationship

We enjoy and have had the best relationships with the parents in and out of the pool area. We have known many parents for years and it’s an honor and privilege to be a part of your children’s success and growth. We work hard to make sure the parents enjoy the program as much as the children do.

Watching your child learn to swim, learn a new stroke, win a race are major milestones in your child’s life and are a shared success with you as the parent. We understand these things which is why all parents have access to trainers and staff before and after lessons to handle questions, talk, and to learn what happened with your child that week and generally to enjoy the journey and training together.


Training is a part of the week that children look forward too.  Many parents tell us, their children cannot wait to go to swim practice. If you are a new parent to swim training and swim teams, the excitement on the deck, the noise and bustling activity is all part of the plan.

Swim training is not school. School is not swim training. Swim team is not an extension of school. It is sports and sports condenses many of the lessons of life sometimes in ways that academics can never teach. It is how the children react and overcome the challenges sport presents to them that develops their character far quicker and better and in many different ways that makes the children grow into well-rounded and successful adults. 



“Technique, physiology, science and training are all important. But the key thing is relationships.
— Dr. James E. Councilman, Head Coach, U.S. Men's Olympic team, Head Coach, Indiana University

What We've Achieved

  • We have developed world-class swim teaching and training programs from water babies through to Olympic training groups.
  • Coaches analyze and tailor teaching and programs to fit each individual swimmer.
  • There is a constant learning curve with our coaches and program. We do not stagnate. We are constantly learning and innovating.
  • Our methods are developed in line with best-methods/best-practices at ASCA, USA Swimming, DSV, Swimming Australia, the NCAA and other federations and organizations.
  • Hundreds of children have passed through our programs and have successfully gone on to compeitions and other age group teams and programs.
  • Wehave access to world-class coaches for advice and counseling on individual swimmer and program development.
  • Members of our staff or advisory panel have multiple Olympic Games experience.
  • We have a culture of listening and caring for our athletes. We know the sport and we know them.